The layout was inspired by steampunk art and a humorous post about a missing cat (
Initial layout for the mansion, which also served as the main menu - Missing Missy was a project that started in my Web Design course. My partner, Sam Cho, and I worked together to create a demo to present to the Engineering Department. I created the illustrations and Sam developed the code.
Simplified layout - we continued developing the graphics beyond our web design class, and made a collective decision to consolidate the menu to reduce visual clutter
Development of Rob Otto - The bottom image was the first prototype for Rob Otto. It was a 2-dimensional figure with a limited, subdued color palette. The top image is the refined and final image, featuring a more 3-dimensional figure due to the inclusion of shadows, and a more vibrant color palette. We aimed to make the facial features recognizable, yet simple.
Refined login/welcome page - our engineers worked to integrate speech recognition as well
First prototype of a scene - Sam and I created a demo for the basement level. We wrote a scenario where the basement had flooded, and Rob had to sail through multiple obstacles to reach the other side, where Missy awaited. This scene depicts the mighty steam kraken, which is defeated when the player states how many legs are on the creature. Rob will then throw gears at the kraken to make the legs vanish.
Sample of transitioning from level to level - each level will display the standard home button (bottom left hand corner) and a coin bar that gauges the amount of coins collected (top right hand corner). At the end of each level, gears will slide up and down the screen with four bars of color, and a motif similar to the login screen will appear with further details and options.
Sample of the layout for the Space level, complete with satellites, stars, and galactic stalagmites
Sample of the Aquarium layout, with spelling lobsters and rainbow fish nets
Missing Missy

A collaboration with the Engineering department at the University of Notre Dame to create an autism diagnostic application in the form of a speech driven, narrative game. The goal is to gather speech samples from potentially autistic children by asking simple questions to progress through the game. The child will guide Rob Otto through his mansion to find his cat, Missy.

All graphics were created on Illustrator.

Janice Chung
Graphic Designer and Illustrator Queens, NY