Preliminary rendering for one of the four outer layouts - each side would be composed of six blocks; created on Illustrator
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Preliminary rendering for one of the two inner layouts - the single unit of 12 blocks opens up to reveal one of two inner designs that span across 12 faces; created on Illustrator
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Prototype for typographic blocks
Sample of layout for final blocks
Top of the container for the typographic blocks
Three point perspective of final typographic blocks in container
Open view 01
Open view 02
Close up of open view
Final typographic blocks
Poster to accompany the typographic blocks

To choose a typeface to study and integrate into a series of blocks reflecting the uniqueness of the accompanying letter forms.

Inspired by the aesthetics of Art Nouveau, I chose a typeface from the same era and aspired to create 12 cohesive blocks with four visible outer layouts and two larger inner layouts. I integrated my astrological sign into the design to create a cosmic and informative work that uses the style and color palette of this movement.

Janice Chung
Graphic Designer and Illustrator Queens, NY