Preliminary sketches - study of function and perspectives; Uniball pen
Exploring alternate forms; Uniball pen, Prismacolor markers
Further exploration of forms and functions; Uniball pen, Prismacolor markers
Alternate forms for the seat of the art horse; drawn on Sketchbook Pro
Refinement of the hexagonal concept - study of different perspectives and possible compartments for drawing tools; drawn on Sketchbook Pro
Development of shape from the hexagon to the oval - the "e" concept; drawn on Sketchbook Pro
Fabrication blow up - drawn on Sketchbook Pro
Final concept iterations - demonstrates ease of storage through stacking; drawn on Sketchbook Pro
Final orthographic; Adobe Illustrator
Final rendering of the modern art horse, "Elevate"
The Modern Art Horse

Final Project for Design Drawing course at the University of Notre Dame, Spring 2015

Work in Progress; included are preliminary sketches and concepts for the product so far

The drawing bench, commonly known as the art horse or donkey, has long been a staple in every art studio. I hope to improve the design and create a product that can:
- Promote better posture
- Eliminate the prospect of sciatic pain
- Be equipped with an adjustable back for the canvas
- Provide some sort of receptacle for tools

Janice Chung
Graphic Designer and Illustrator Queens, NY