Preaching As Art - Book cover design for Beacon Hill Press. (Coming Spring 2008)
Successful Small Groups - Book cover design for a book on how to build successful small groups within a church.
Wealth and Wisdom - A book about finances from a Christian perspective. (to be released summer 2007) - Beacon Hill Press
Out of the Pulpit, Into the Pew - A book for retiring pastors. (to be released Summer 2007) - Beacon Hill Press
The Worship Plot - A book cover design for a book about finding unity in the common worship story instead of division over worship styles. (to be released spring 2007)
Single Moms Raising Sons - New Beacon Hill book cover concept (to be released in the spring of 2007)
The Crisis Manual - A book to help Christian Schools and Youth Groups deal with tragity
Baboons on the Runway - A missionary book about humorous stories from the Africa mission field. (to be released spring 2006)
Maximum Integrity - Book about a biblical model for business leadership, mainly based out of the Psalms and David's example as a leader. (to be released fall 2006)
Gutsy Faith - Beacon Hill book design (released summer 2006)
Empowering Your Child... - Beacon Hill book design. (released summer 2006)
The Healthy Small Church - Beacon Hill Book design. (released spring 2006)
J.R. Caines
Graphic Designer Kansas City, MO