Couture Lluminex work for Aviva Collective, Constructed 3 piece ball gown for female, 3 piece tuxedo, top hat and strapless dress (shown) for private clients.
Couture costume work for Erica, Teatro Zin Zanni
Couture costume work for Christine Dever, Teatro Zin Zanni
Custom made Fat Suit for Mat Plendl, Palm Springs Follies 2013
Mia Gyzander Costume work for Disney Street Parade
Costume Design for Zkhukov Dance
Costume Design for Zkhukov Dance
Constructed motion capture samples and custom made gloves for 2K Games.
Project Nunway Event Details, 2011
Curated Fashion Trunk Show and Fashion Photo shoot for event, 800+ attendance.
Co-Produced Project Nunway, Charity Recycled Fashion Show, 2011
Produced Trunk Show 10+ Designers for Event
Judge for Project Nunway 4, 2012
Teatro Zin Zanni work for Love, Chaos, Dinner Show
Teatro Zin Zanni work for Licence to Kill 2
Teatro Zin Zanni work for Gypsy Moon Show
Class Flier for The Sewing Workshop
Class flier for The Sewing Workshop
Past Projects, Events, Freelance Costume Work
Jarred Garza
Fashion Designer and Sewing Teacher San Francisco, CA