Trinity is a chandelier designed to celebrate groupings of three in both form and material.
Transitions between the central concrete hub, the brushed aluminum branches, & the light within those branches are seamless; and when lit the light within each branch becomes a material in its own right as it fills in the negative space.

Designing any object means more than designing just the finished product; it also includes the development of new processes used to produce that product, and Trinity is no different. To produce Trinity’s concrete hub, Jay developed a 3d Printable concrete mold which increased re-usability, enabled highly accurate dimensioning, and allowed mounting hardware to be cast directly into the part all while decreasing cost & machining time when compared to reusable silicon or foam mold at this scale.

Trinity is featured as a stand (or hang, I suppose) alone or can be grouped together in larger spaces, & is particularly suitable as a dramatic focal point.

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Freelance, Full-time
Jay Burnett
Industrial Designer Atlanta, GA