What I Do
Midway Games: TNA - Style board I had created at Midway Games. Animated post-Midway Games.
Midway Games: Ballers 3 - Concept and UI Deisgn: Ernie Perez
3d: Wes Burke
Animation: Jay Purugganan
Midway Games: Area 51 Blacksite - UI Design and Animation: John Burnett
3d: Kevin Hurley
Animation: Jay Purugganan
Harpo Studios: Annie Leibovitz - A motion graphic insert for Annie Leibovitz.
Harpo Studios: Chris Brown + Rihanna - Promo internal spec.
Harpo Studios: Celine Dion - Promo for Celine Dion
Harpo Studios: Living Geisha - Promo internal spec.
Captivate Network ads. - A combination of motion ads created for Captivate Network.
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Jay Purugganan
Senior Motion Graphics Designer Chicago, IL