Upon testing, the initial version of the motor mounting bracket had a problem where it would slowly slide towards the motor as it was being run. It also was susceptible to deformation under high torque from the motor.
To solve the problem, I used Solidworks simulation tools to determine what kind of reinforcement structure would best eliminate both sliding and deformation. The best solution to the problem turned out to be a simple L-Channel Bracket that would physically prevent the motor from sliding, while at the same time providing more resistance to the torque of the motor.
Our completed Go-Kart. We won!
A view of the completed motor mount with a chain guard attached.
Electric Go Kart (EVT)

In the spring of 2013, I built an electric go kart with Electric Vehicle team for the purpose of competing in Dr.Destler's E-Vehicle Autocross at Imagine RIT. The frame was donated to the club and its gas engine was replaced with a PMG Perm 132 electric motor running off of an Alltrax controller. The batteries we used were 15 6s 5 AH packs in a 5 series 3 parallel configuration. The main portions of the build that I worked on were the mounting structures for the motor and controller.

Jeffrey Botticello
Mechanical Engineering Student Rochester, NY