A Refreshing Pause - PhotoShop CS2
Spud Room - love to cook, I love to eat and I love to play with sharp cutlery. But sometimes prepping all the ingredients seems like an insurmountable task. This illo sums it up. Done in PhotoShop CS2.
Self Portrait - As I view myself. Pen & ink.
Nil Butron Is A Pud - Nil Butron was getting his picture taken for his grandchildren, whom he doesn't see very often. It would have been a nice photo. A very nice photo. But someone doesn't like Nil Butron and went to great lengths to ruin the shot for him... Done in PhotoShop CS2.
Good & Evil - Pen & ink, marker
Ed tries... - Pen & ink, marker
The Alphabetical Chefs' Fateful Expedition book over (wraparound) - A self-published promotional alphabet book. Done in the pen & ink style of the Golden Age Illustrators. The story? 26 chefs go out in search of a special ingredient for the soup they're making. Something happens to each one. Some good, some not so good. Full wrap-around cover, 29 interior detailed b&w illustrations. Perfect as a gift for the lulu in your life, starting a fire or wrapping fish! Contact me for further details! Pen & ink.
The Gang's All Here
When Pigs Fly... - PhotoShop CS2
Barrel Fever - PhotoShop CS2
Jeff White
Illustraion/Digital Artist/Cartoonist Everett, MA