Iron - This is a sophomore year project. I designed this iron using many techniques presented by Prof. Del Coates such as empathic sketching, objective concinnity, and ergonomics.
SkewLight - This is a sophomore year project. It was an exploration of combining common items to come up with a new hybrid object. Skewer + Utility Lighter = SkewLight. The SkewLight is a portable kabob cooker.
Dog Disc Thrower - The Dog Disc Thrower is a fun portable device for dogs and their owners that throws edible and re-usable discs by remote.
e-Scooter - Design Problem: Design a short-range lightweight electric scooter that collapses for use in conjunction with public transit. User: 25-40 year old, San Francisco Bay area tourist. Marketed: Rental scooter that one could obtain from their hotel or in the city. Key Design Elements: Portability, stability, and ease of use.
Light - This is a freshman year project. I designed this light with a focus on tension and compression in the form and structure. It uses a halogen bulb that utilizes a transformer.
Student Portfolio
Jeff Mellor
Industrial Designer Union City, CA