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Allegra at Royal Ascot - Marker illustration modified in Photoshop
Basically Meet at the Car - Sketched live at Royal Ascot races; adapted in Photoshop
Alex and Caz at Peter Jones Brasserie - Marker and Photoshop illustration
Clar in Gucci Boots at Royal Ascot - Photoshop
Gee LG in the leather skirt and Lanvin bag and Louboutins arriving at THE party - Photoshop
Lady Zara CTB and friend at Royal Ascot - Tombo pen and Photoshop
Ascot Boots and Feathers - Marker sketch
Alexandra on her horse - Photoshop montage illustration
Becky CB in Wolford with leather clutch bag - Marker and photoshop
Charlotte at Royal Ascot in Jimmy Choo - Photoshop
Henrietta on her Horse - Marker and Photoshop
Ladies doing Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien - marker and photoshop
Victoria M with Celine bag - Tombo pen and Photoshop
Blue Leather Boots and Zip Clutch Bag - Marker, Tombo and Photoshop
Art Snobs - Tombo and Photoshop
Emily in Louis Vuitton and Chanel Boots - Photoshop
Helena at Peter Jones Brasserie in Chanel - Photoshop
Olivia with Chloe bag - Photoshop
Tiff does Champagne at Aragon House in Chanel Boots and Dior Bag - Tombo and Photoshop
Tiff and Sammy Front Row - Marker Illustration
Darcey in Louboutin Boots and Celine Bag - Photoshop
Sloane Square
Jefferson Zipp
Fashion Illustrator Brighton, United Kingdom