If We Are The Body - hand lettered identity for a summer art camp; reproduced in two colors
Zhe Birch Juice - product identity and label design with hand lettering, under the direction of Ken Barber (House Industries)
Ten Words - hand lettered to reflect their meaning, for a workshop with Marian Bantjes
Modular Rotunda - designed from combining three modules (above left, in red)
MFA identity - I combined original typographic elements from eight MFA candidates into this identity for the exhibition (Maryland Institute College of Art).
Poli-Poli Calendar - calendar designed to showcase a set of original numerals, Poli-Poli, inspired by a processed chicken product seen and eaten in Sarajevo, Bosnia
Poli-Poli Calendar
Poli-Poli Calendar
How to Stack a Hay Wagon - instructional poster, designed under the direction of Rick Valicenti
Über Magazine - hand lettered nameplates and photographic self-portraits for proposed magazine
Lettering : Type Design - hand lettered beginnings for typographic design, some yet unrealized
Big Top Studies - semiotic studies of the idea of circus in poster form; drawing and oil monoprint on painted board
Lettering & Typography
Jeremy Botts
Artist Designer Educator Wheaton, IL