Mapping the Farm - archival images, artwork, and poetry have been collaged into the three dimensional visualization of the location of the family farm (from Google Earth)
Tenebrae Poster - identity for tenebrae service | 2006

Bill Traylor - poster celebrating the life of outsider artist Bill Traylor, under the direction of Alicia Cheng
Lewisberry Postcard - a postcard designed for a hometown, under the direction of PostTypography, screen printed in two colors, edition of 50
Tenebrae 2008 - identity and printed handout for a tenebrae service
Poor Richard's Almanack - homeschooled children's projects under my direction: printed currency based on Benjamin Franklin's designs and wit and wisdom
O Noble Heart Consider... - hand cut paper fraktur on photographs, poster directed by Rick Valicenti
Personal Holiday Greetings - original photographic collage with typography
Color Spaces - color study illustrating the difference between RGB and CMYK color spaces for use in design textbook
Recital Poster - poster for recital with digital collage
Timmy Morgan Show - poster for comedy show benefiting Forgotten Voices International, organization empowering AIDS orphans
Layers - an image created to describe the notion of layers for inclusion in design textbook
Poster & Image
Jeremy Botts
Artist Designer Educator Wheaton, IL