Land Rover Freelander 3dr concept - commissioned by Autocar (UK) Issue 29.03.06
BMW 3 Series 2015 - A future concept for a BMW 3 Series commissioned by Autocar Magazine(UK) 24 May 2006
Bugatti Royale Concept - 'V16 super-saloon based on Veyron
220mph in unprecedented luxury
More exclusive than a Rolls-Royce'
Appeared in Autocar 31 May 2006.
New Lancia Delta Concept - Concept for the next generation Lancia Delta, commissioned by Autocar 3 May 2006.
Porsche GT1 Concept - Porsche GT1 Concept drawing based on leaked technical design information, commissioned by Autocar 28 june 2006.
Lotus 2+2 Concept Design - A future Lotus concept commissioned by UK Autocar Magazine, 27.09.2006.
It has a mid-engine configuration with 2+2 package.
New Jaguar XJ Concept - Jaguar XJ concept for 2009. Artist impression commissioned by UK Autocar.
The concept has sporty, coupe-derived styling.
Volvo XC60 Concept - Artist impression of future Volvo XC60.
Appeared in UK Autocar 01.11.2006
New Jaguar XJ 2009 - Concept illustration created for UK Autocar magazine
Future Baby Mclaren artist impression created for Autocar Magazine
Mercedes Gullwing Supercar concept created for Autocar magzine
BMW Z10 ED Supercar - Concept rendering of the future BMW Z10 Supercar. Commissioned by Autocar for their 28 Jan 09 issue.
Magazine Concept Illustrations
Jerry Chung
Director, Jerry Chung Design Ltd Stratford Upon Avon, United Kingdom