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Mahoe_ Fine Jamaican Cuisine. Fast - Mahoe, a Jamaican fast food restaurant, serves some of the finest cuisine Jamaica has to offer. With its very elegant form and natural features, Mahoe is an architectural success. The name Mahoe comes from the Jamaican national tree, the Blue Mahoe which is placed at the front two corners of the building. Mahoe has very distinct characteristics that set it apart from other fast food restaurants. The drive through enables the employee to come through a door and hand you your food for a more personal experience similar to that of one in Jamaica. In the rear of the building, a clear waterfall flows in front of the menu with sounds of Jamaican birds. This experience will last forever!
Cleveland Hopkins I- Zone (Interactive Zone) - I- zone (Interactive Zone) is a new addition to the Cleveland Hopkins Airport. It is located throughout the Baggage Claim area which allows people to be
serviced with facts and information they need after their flight. For those waiting in the baggage claim area or those flying in, I- Zone provides information of all the present and future events in the Cleveland area. This facility is packed with information for special events and ticket sales, to Cleveland and Hopkins Airport History. Loaded with laptops and consierge stations, flight simulators and fun airplane facts, I-Zone has something for adults and
children to enjoy.
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