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Sample of the old user interface for the TD Bank Canada
Final information architecture of the TD public site. With this revised proposal we reduced ~3000+ content pages to ~500 pages
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Sample of a single line of business (Mortgages) to determine how to organize the information architecture. Lead and guided multiple iterations with different stakeholders. Also solution slightly different IA and customer experiences tailored and targeted for different customer base and line of business.
Sample of the Information Architecture for Personal Saving and investing products
Once the Information architecture is approved and realized. We jumped right into wireframing to align internal (VD Team) and external (Marketing Team) peers to help realize the project from discover into execution phase.
One of the process efficiencies I helped established is the creation of design system library in tandem with technology teams, so we can accelerate and drive to delivery more effectively and efficiently. Presented is an early sample of a component specification that highlights the usage and variations guidelines.
Current day sample of the TD Bank Personal banking website. This is evident in my work and design thinking process that I have the ability to think about scale and adapt to different markets beyond the initial creation of such complex frameworks
Sample of repetitive templates (ex. product presentation template) allows the in the creative and efficiencies for teams to accelerate on the delivery of continuous new scope with the same foundation.
Worked with extended business stakeholders to realize their customer needs from design management, discovery, design creation to execution and was able to do it with speed with the process efficiencies established.
TD Public Site Digital Transformation

TD Bank Public Site Responsive Digital Transformation

The TD site was dated and untouched for 10+ years and not responsive. As the Lead designer leading one of the largest and complex responsive digital transformation over the course of 2 years. There were many challenges and management was of utmost importance to bring the project to fruition. Ultimately the redesign was very successful and resulted in the ~70% sales increase with in the first few months after customer launch.

Roles and Activities:
- Working with numerous different business and technology stakeholders to pitch and envision best customer experience
- Applied a user-centred approach and worked as a tactical design thinker to realize the final product through the design process from discovery to execution.
- Helped establish processes and efficiencies to expand for scale by incorporating, design system ideals

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Jessica Yiu
Multi-faceted design thinker that enjoys solving complex challenges Toronto, Canada