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Futuristic Pot Design in an Elevator - This project explores the possibility of having an indoor vertical greenery system in an elevator. Users will feel as if they stepped into another world they enter the elevator.
VORTUZA Pot Design - The pot design emphasizes on a futuristic design style by using glossy materials and vibrant colours. Its dominant design style livens up any space in houses or offices.
Information Board on Elevator and Stand systems - The left side of the board explains the various features of an elevator that will use an indoor vertical greenery system to liven up the space.

The right side of the board introduces a stand to fit the Vortuza Pot.
Stand Design - This .gif image demonstrates the stand design that houses the VORTUZA pots. The cover has a 130 swiveling angle that allows users to open and close the space that houses the potted plants.
Glass support in Elevator - This is a concept of the glass support that will house potted plants within an elevator.
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VORTUZA Vertical Greenery
Louis Tay
Industrial Designer Singapore, Singapore