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Porta delle Stazioni
Sondrio Turismo Logo - Tourism logo for the Italian city of Sondrio
Roger Gill Website - Website for the English artist Roger Gill
Little t Logo - Logo for a company of organic children clothings
GiDesign Newsletters - Newsletters for www.gidesign.co.uk
Snowboard design competition produced by core77 & nidecker
CD artwork for English artist Tom Loffill
DVD artwork for the film "Aryavarta" by Jaisen Bhageerutty
Silver Dig Limited Edition for Crumpler - Sketch Edition
Website for the Italian company Gramag s.a.s.
Website for the Italian artist Paola Rusconi
Website for the film "Aryavarta" produced by director Jaisen Bhageerutty
Giorgia Grassini
Designer London, United Kingdom