The shower features three main components; 01. The Pebble; a personal shower fixture that is created out of stone. The stone can be chosen by the user and machined to house the internal components. Magnets are positioned to the pebble allowing it to stick to reactive materials. 02. Corten Wall; Corten steel is installed in the shower enclosure to build a environment that ages with use. A unique organic colour and texture forms on the steel forming a emotive connection between the environment and user. 03. The Interface; The digital interface brings a modern touch to a natural experience. Built from stone the interface magnetically attaches to the corten wall and a series of gestures provide a intuitive interaction between the user and shower
The Pebbles internal magnets provide a unique feature; the ability to attach in any position to the corten wall giving complete hands free showering. A special thank you goes to Mira Showers for giving the opportunity to work on such a exciting live project.
Pebble - The natural showering experience.

The Pebble is a group project focusing on the future of showering. Working to a brief given by Mira Showers our team set out to design a immersive showering experience for a young couple.

The pebble focuses on the condition "Natural deficit disorder" a resultant of isolating yourself from nature.

Joe Perry
Bristol, United Kingdom