Sorapot - The Sorapot teapot, facilitating the ritual behind tea-making. Featured in Gizmodo, Cool Hunting, and Zink Magazine.
Totemo - Totemo is a completely silent picoBTX computer. Winner of the 2005 Red Dot: Design Concept award. Silence is achieved through a passive cooling system that uses heat pipes to channel heat from the CPU, video card, and power supply to a large external heatsink. USB ports, VGA-out, and all other I/O ports are located on the bottom side of the raised motherboard enclosure. This configuration simplifies the task of plugging cables into their appropriate ports and also allows the Totemo to be placed flush against a flat surface, such as a wall.
Geta and Bookshelf - A pair of geta (下駄) and a desktop bookshelf made from reclaimed wood.
Joey Roth
Design Entrepreneur Brooklyn, NY