Amelo - Home Starch Harvester

Plastic production requires the use of unsustainable natural resources. While recyclable, a majority of plastics still end their lives in landfills or are incinerated releasing toxic chemicals into the environment. The alternative, which are bioplastics, also contributes negatively to the environment. Its production takes up arable land, causes water pollution, and releases toxins into the environment containing carcinogens which is harmful to human health.

The Amelo is a product designed to get people thinking about the byproducts of daily life and how this can be harvested and utilised in making something useful. The Amelo harvests starch from waste water that was used to cook starch-based foods at home such as potatoes, pasta, and rice. The starch collected can then be used in the manufacture of an environmentally-sourced bioplastic.

Johan Pang
Designer Melbourne, Australia