NEXTENERGY - Modular Offshore Energy Harvesting Platform

Team members: Johan Pang and Adrian Goh

Nextbase is a Finnish offshore construction company focusing on
development and promotion of NEXTBASE. NEXTBASE (patent pending) is a revolutionary method which, enables building very large floating structures (VLFS).

NEXTENERGY makes use of the mobility and the modularity of NEXTBASE containers to build a modular mobile energy harvesting platform. NEXTENERGY platforms will be used to provide emergency power to cities hit by a recent natural disaster. It uses solar and tidal energy harvesting technologies and stores the power harvested in battery packs which will then be delivered by drones to the area that requires the electricity be it along the shore or further inland. When not required to fulfill its role in providing emergency power, NEXTENERGY platforms can be attached to existing offshore energy harvesting farms.

Johan Pang
Designer Melbourne, Australia