Proto - New Sustainable Applications for 3D Printing

Team Members: Johan Pang, Therese Hallberg, Ashley Robertson, John Nguyen, Fiona Zhang, Sophie van Egmond, Steven Chiu, Mark Tran, Natura Lia

This project was commissioned as a collaborative effort between Proto, the Swinburne Design Factory (SDF), and Advanced Manufacturing Cooperation Research Centre (ARCMC) to explore and identify new sustainable product applications for 3D printing.

The outcome of this collaboration between Proto and AMCRC led to extensive insights into opportunities that exist for 3D printing in the medical industry. A design proposal has been put forward together with how it could be implemented into a service on how the technology could be implemented on real patients and a business plan was written as a starting point to develop the service. Through the implementation of this, Proto plans to propel Australian manufacturing forward with sustainable core values in mind.

Johan Pang
Designer Melbourne, Australia