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See You In 2 To 5 (Graphic Novel)

See You In 2 To 5 is a pet project of mine and was the central piece to my senior thesis project. This work is a graphic novel composed of photographs and type. The look and feel of the book is meant to replicate the classic film noir style of the 1940s with a modern flair. Each page was composed of a series of boxes that changed size depending on how important the information and imagery was. This stylistic choice was inspired by Microsoft’s use of live tiles that convey information in their interfaces. The pages layout and title structure would change depending on the events unfolding in the book. Hectic moments would see an increase in the clutter of the tiles; powerful important moments had open pages spreads with very little clutter. This use of clutter allowed me to play with and manipulate the users emotional ties to reading.

Johnathon Sanchez
Graphic/Web Designer at Staff management | SMX Chicago, IL