20 x 16" Poster
Business Card (back) , 2 x 3.5"
Business card
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Web Banner for Facebook Artist Page
FT Crawl 2012 quarter page ad
Ad for Milw FT Crawl and 6 participating Stores - This is a newspaper ad I created to advertise a city-wide event. Additionally, the ad included the information of 6 stores who were participating and helped to pay for the ad.
Fair Trade Crawl 2010 Poster (Large size)
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New Oval Version of Logo - Though boss created the layout I used Illustrator and Photoshop to re-create and put in file formats that could be used for marketing materials.
Store Logo - Used on store signs and business cards
Milwaukee Fair Trade Coalition Brochure - brochure created for a local non-profit organization (3 fold/outer panels)
MFTC brochure Interior - brochure created for a local non-profit organization (3 panels/interior)
Tuk Tuk Traders logo & image - designed an image of Tuk Tuk for a friend's new developing business
Original Profile Picture for Artist Page on Facebook
Happy Heart Arts Marketing Package Mock-up
Panels for a 4-panel brochure
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Web banner idea for a gallery web page
Web banner idea for a gallery web page
Web banner idea for a gallery web page
Bookmark/Business Card for Shirah (Violin instructor) several document types shown
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Image for interior pocket of a pocket folder for an elementary student's reading folder.
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12 x 9" Folder cover design for a elementary school child's Reading Folder. All clip art individually designed for the project.
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GO GREEN Poster - Fun poster I created to promote a good idea. It was inspired by the beauty of early summer and a visit to a farmer's market
Giraffe Image - Image created to go with a fair trade store's logo
Elephant for instore promotions
E.V.E. - logo re-creation made for a client
RockSalt Logo - created for a non-profit
Marketing for Organizations

Examples of design work created for various organizations. Examples include logos, web banners, posters, postcards and brochures