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8.9 PINK Brand Guide Overview - Victoria's Secret PINK stores use this to know the important parts of their floorset. Highlights the important pieces of the room, including launch surfaces, panty surfaces, focal wall presentations and marketing.
8.9 PINK Room 1 Overview - Victoria's Secret PINK stores use this photo to get a sense of the overall feel of the room.
8.9 PINK Launch Table Surface - A very important part of the floorset, this helps stores to set their launch surface.
8.9 PINK Cabinet Run - Details out for stores their cabinet run, showing adjacencies and styling details.
8.9 PINK How To - A "how to" for stores to provide instructions for stores to set a creative layer element.
8.23 PINK Styling - Provides stores with the key styling tips for their launch surface.
8.23 PINK Panty Topper Options - At 8.23 the store only needed to change their panty topper. Instead of showing multiple panty surfaces and pages, this allowed for simplified direction.
8.23 PINK Bra Cabinet Runs - This shows the store 2 of the 5 bra tier cabinet runs. A cabinet run allows the store to know their cabinet priority and adjacencies.
8.23 PINK Creative Layer Checklist - This provides the stores with a comprehensive list of all the marketing needed to set their bra cabinets.
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Victorias Secret PINK
Jonathan Davis
Associate Art Director Seattle, WA