Exterior view of the test facility, with roof mounting and access for loading gas cylinders, batteries etc. Large double doors on both ends of the lab are used for loading equipment in to the lab itself.
Interior view of the lab and control room showing the bi-fold door and outlet attenuator with fans.
Acoustic Dampened Test Lab

A completely new field for this company, we were tasked with the design of an acoustically dampened test lab. Unlike our usual products, the purpose of this lab was not to keep the noise levels of the equipment inside down, but to limit the external sounds being heard while inside.

The unit was design with a larger test lab, seperated in two halves with a bi-fold door, and a control room to observe and control all tests being carried out in the lab.

A particular difficulty in this design was the requirement that the lab be capable of venting all gasses to prevent a build up or collection point which could lead to a potential explosion, hence the design of the outlet attenuator with the internal fan arrangement.

Jordan Carmichael
Design Engineer Coalville, United Kingdom