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The first design with an odd bucket seat bringing the user to ground level giving a different perspective of the street. The design includes drainage slots to prevent build up of water in the bucket seat area.
The second concept was a play on the fact that people always sitting on the back of benches, so why not make it more comfortable, upon seeing this my lecturer retorted with an enquiry as to what was stopping a user from sitting on the back of the back of the bench...
The third concept was for a large circular bench that allowed the user a larger selection of where they could face when seated, the large central area would also permit user to lie back. There would be a light placed in the over hang meaning that the seat would be illuminated in low light.
This product has a similar shape to the end of Street Seat 1 in that the entire length of the bench is very low, low enough in fact that there wuld be little difficulty for the user to sit on the covering should they prefer it.
A quick look at combing ideas, this seat also acts as an information board fulfilling two tasks at once.
A simple design, looking at a more fanciful idea, using large umbrella covers along busy shopping areas on high streets
Taking the previous umbrella idea further, this time incorporating it into the design of a bus stop where the supports are made from silhouettes of people holding the umbrellas aloft.
this design focuses more on the tourism sector of street furniture, the idea would be to create a circular structure which is mostly transparent with landmarks etched into the surface and information displayed along side them, this way when you are standing within the structure you can line up the etched designs with the real landmark in the distance so you know where you should be looking.
Another of the tourism boards, using the same idea as previously but with a different shape.
Another of the tourism boards again.

It was this product that we decided to further develop, looking at the previous designs as well as other concepts, the ideas were tweeked and then designed in solidoworks as a team for manufacture.
The final solidowkrs model which was developed with a team, the product was designed for manufacture taking into consideration materials and manufacturing methods.
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Street Furniture

To design and develop a piece of street furniture (of any type) to be manufactured by Rocklyn, a street furniture specialist.

The driving forces behind my initial concepts was how a product dictates its own function, ie. how its looks can indicate how it should be used. I thought of how certain products could indicate a different kind of function than the norm or could take on a function that people tend to use regardless of the products shape and facilitate that use. But I also wanted to look at fanciful designs, something out of the ordinary that would brighten the world around it even only for a moment.

Jordan Carmichael
Product Designer Loughborough, United Kingdom