WaveSense Jazz Blood Glucose Meter - For more information see www.wavesense.info
WaveSense Jazz User Interface - Segmented LCD displays are an old technology, but are extremely exciting to work on. The constraints they provide force you to be extremely creative and to seek unique solutions. For more information see www.wavesense.info
WaveSense KeyNote Blood Glucose Meter - For more information see www.wavesense.info
www.wavesense.info - wavesense.info is the online source for all information about WaveSense technology and products. Responsibilities: - Project Management - Content Development - Information Architecture - Copy Writing - Art Direction
Zero-Click Diabetes Management Software - This software package works in conjunction with our blood glucose meters. It has several industry leading features: Zero-Click Download - Plug in the meter and the program starts and downloads your results to your profile automatically. Daily Digest - Zero-Click automatically presents the most important data immediately. For more information see www.wavesense.info/zero-click
Zero-Click Screenshots - This software package works in conjunction with our blood glucose meters. It has several industry leading features: New Reports - Designed with health care professionals, for health care professionals. Zero-Click's reports were designed in conjunction with world leading endocrinologists and diabetes educators. Virtual Meter - Zero-Click allows you to easily change the settings on your meter using your computer. For more information see www.wavesense.info/zero-click
WaveSense Tradeshow Booth - The WaveSense brand made its debut on the trade show circuit in 2007. My team and I developed a booth design and built quick full scale prototypes (using cardboard boxes and office furniture) to ensure the design would enable the kinds of interactions we desired. My responsibilities included: - Project management - Developing the booth design - Sourcing the booth builder - Creative/art direction The detailed design and construction was done by Hill & Partners (www.hillpartners.com)
MIT Sloan Product Design & Development Project - Working with a team of engineers and MBA candidates from MIT's Sloan School of Management I helped develop an ice cube tray that solves the major problems of existing trays: it prevents spills, can be stored in any orientation, prevents stale ice odor, and makes it easier to remove ice cubes. Responsibilities: - Consumer research - Concept sketching, - Rapid prototyping - Modelmaking - Functional prototyping - Product testing
Logos - These are logos I have designed for a variety of startups.
Candid Camera Consumer Research - To increase my ethnographic research skills I studied shopping habits of consumers in supermarkets. Using a hidden camera I observed shoppers in several different types of supermarkets. I observed many things, but one striking observation was that when shopping with women, men avoid participation. Many even go so far as to keep their hands in their pockets as a sign of deference.
NASA Communication Device - While at NASA I worked with a group of human factors engineers to develop a next generation wireless communication device. My role was to develop a number of possible form factors, including: walkie-talkies, ear pieces, pda-style devices, wrist watches, and headsets. This page highlights the earliest conceptual sketches for the device.
NASA Communication Device 2 - Due to the high ambient noise levels aboard the International Space Station the astronauts spend a great deal of time wearing Active Noise Reduction headsets (ANR). It was decided that the wireless device should be integrated into the ANR headset. This page shows the development of the device from sketch to prototype.
Mass Customization Kiosk Process
Mass Customization Kiosk Sketches - Nike has a mass-customization option for sneakers on their website. The goal of this project was to develop a shopping experience that would combine the immediacy of retail with the customization possibilities of the internet. This tangible interface that allows the shopper to design and preview their shoe in a "digital mirror" that uses an augmented reality technology to "place" the customized shoe on the shopper's feet in real time.
Konfection Website Comps
Konfection Website Comps 2
Joseph Flaherty
Design Manager at an exceptional medical device startup Boston, MA