Reusable Bottle Crate - Reusable bottle crate holds six 1L bottles.
Handling - Slotted handle allows users to conveniently carry 1 or 2 crates in each hand.
Reusable Bottle Crate - The reusable crate is sized to stack on standard Europallet for ease of distribution.
Built-in Stacking Features - Detail of stacking features to ensure stability
Space Efficiency - The offset bottle placement in my proposed crate increases Europallet capacity to 600 bottles. Coke's currently circulated crate fits only 480 bottles on a Europallet when stacked five levels high. My proposed design cuts down on storage costs and warehouse space.
Alternate Use - The crate can be used to organize small objects in the home between filling periods.
In the Home - Rather than hiding it in the garage, this compact crate is more likely to be displayed in the home to spur top-of-Mind awareness.
Recycling Theme - The crate's triangular arrangement utilizes the space saving benefits of offset staggering while serving as a physical reminder of Coke's recycling initiative.
Bottle Crate

This was a reusable bottle crate concept submitted to a competition sponsored by Coca-Cola Germany. The goal was to propose an update to Coke's currently circulated crate with a focus on sustainability while maintaining Coca-Cola's brand identity.

Josh Little
Industrial Designer Sunnyvale, CA