Blades - Cutting edge on blades tears through roots. Edge is serrated and inset to preserve sharpness.
In Use - Large cutting teeth dislodge rocks and tear through hard-packed soil as user twists handles. Digging motion is opposite of traditional post hole diggers. With my concept, users squeeze handles rather than spreading them to clamp dirt. This reduces strain by employing larger muscle groups (pectorials and anterior delts as opposed to traps and posterior delts) to do the clamping and lifting.
A manual post hole digger re-design employing Ridgid power tool brand language.
Handles - GFRP handles insulate against electric shock in the case that c ground wire is struck.
Hinge Description
Hinge Detail - (enlarge image to read about details)
Post Hole Diggers

Redesigned manual post hole diggers and applied the Ridgid power tool brand language.

Josh Little
Industrial Designer Sunnyvale, CA