Volt Power Tools
SDS Rotary Hammer w/ Telescopic Dust Extraction Nozzle - I conceptualized the brand identity for a new line of power tools called Volt. The first product in this line is an SDS rotary hammer with integrated vacuum extraction nozzle. Its design addresses the need for a dust extraction system which allows for the use of a flat chiseling tip on a rotary hammer.
Features - After surveying existing products, I decided that my solution would be integrated into the tool, but also removable to be as unobtrusive as possible. It works in conjunction with a wet/dry vac to extract dust at the source (the end of the drilling/chiseling attachment). My concept is the only system that works with both chiseling, and drilling modes of a rotary hammer.
Existing Products - Pros and cons of existing products. I learned that no currently offered dust extraction system works for both chiseling and drilling, and that existing systems come in the form of bulky attachments.
With Vacuum - Cord, and hose plug into AC vacuum.
Volt Power Tools

A project to design a versatile rotary hammer that conveniently addresses the concern of dust in the workplace.

Josh Little
Industrial Designer Sunnyvale, CA