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An initial board design to explain how the bin should be used, the bin was drawn by me using a Bamboo tablet. The logo was an early design in order to give an identity to the product.
This product is a kitchen bin designed to make removing a bin bag less strain on the body, this is especially useful for those with arthritis or those who struggle to lift heavy objects. This board shows the product in context in a kitchen. There are are few purely aesthetic design features of this bin, including the curved back and the contrast of curves and angles on the lid. Most design features of the bin are for functional purposes. The two doors at the front of the bin slide into themselves and then swing open allowing for the largest opening in the front allowing for the bin bag to be dragged out rather than lifted. Simple instructions are provided on the left side of the board.

Easy Access Bin modelled in Solidworks and rendered with Photoview 360. Board assembled in Photoshop.
Keyshot Render
Keyshot Render 2
Easy Access Bin

Project Objective:
Group Project.
Discover and research a need, specifically based on the elderly and disabled.
Generate concepts to find a design solution to the problem.
Produce a board to show the product and it's capabilities.
Blue bin design board shows the original design created in my first year at university, whilst the red bin is a redesign of the presentation during the second year of my degree.

Josh Long
Designer Tidworth, United Kingdom