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Ambi Toy's Children Toy Concept

For this university project, set during my second year, I conducted extensive and detailed research and concluded that imagination contributes heavily to the success of a toy. All the parents I asked said the same thing: their children’s crazy imaginations meant the simplest of products caused hours of fun.

With this in mind, I decided to chose a rocket because the idea of the child being able to take the character on endless adventures felt like the best way to fuel their imagination. In my research I also found that in early mental development, children like to project their current life experience into play and I feel this toy is a platform to aid this development.

The main feature of the toy is an internal spring which allows the rocket to bounce up and down, so the child can simulate take off! The spring selected is not capable of causing the rocket to become considerably airborne so reduces the risk of any potential injuries.

Joshua Monahan
Design Manager London, United Kingdom