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Anglepoise Pulse

My final project of my first year was set by Anglepoise and it was also a group project.

After a briefing we were set the task of designing a non-lighting product for Anglepoise, which conveyed both its brand and values. After a lot of group discussions we decided to focus on developing a ‘timepiece’. We began by de-constructing Anglepoise from our perspective and our main discovery was that you can only use their current lighting products in specific circumstances, where there is little or no light…obviously. However, this doesn’t stop people wanting to have an Anglepoise lamp or any lamp for that matter because their timeless designs blend into everyday surroundings, much like a sculpture.

To read more about this project visit: http://joshuamonahandesign.com/2012/11/10/203/

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Joshua Monahan
Design Manager London, United Kingdom