Nike R8

This product is inspired by AUDI R8’s
design. The aim of this work is to express
the streamline of the shoes, its stylish
design as well practicability. I used
AUDI R8’s grille frame opening idea for
the toe cap and the side trims to allow
air ventilation on the front part of the
shoes. As for the outer sole, I placed a
friction-resistant rubber there to increase
the shoes’ stability when it use. The side
of the shoes shows a transformation from
AUDI R8’s side plaque to the decorative
ankle straps; the grille frame, again, acts
as the idea of ventilation for the body of
the shoes. The heel patch represents the
tail design, using the car’s deco strips as
the heel’s covering straps. Finally, the tail
light is symbolized by the decorative logo
on the back of the shoes.

Jung Ou Yang
Industrial Design / Concept Art San Francisco, CA