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Before and After
Family Design Language System
Swappable Control Panel Facia for Different Models
Initial Concepts, Stretcher Attachment
Initial Concepts, Organizational Hierarchy
Initial Control Studies
Initial Control Studies
Final ID
Final ID
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Percussionaire Ventilator 2017

Percussionaire’s revolutionary percussive ventilation technology has stood alone for half a century as the standard in prenatal and neonatal respiratory care. At Karten Design, we worked to bring the usability and design language system into line with the expectations of modern health care interfaces and equipment.

In-depth interviews and workshops with practicing physicians led to several human factors areas where we could improve the controls and display of information while working with the client to streamline aesthetics and branding. The addition of a digital display improves data dissemination and navigation while making the machines less intimidating.

Ergonomics, component packaging and ease of use were all improved, wrapped in a pared down, easy-to-wipe and clean body with a shape inspired by airflow.

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Justin Jakobson
Industrial + Experiential Design Los Angeles, CA