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Bieber on Dash. Justin gives the new Sony Dash a try - CES 2010
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Sony Dash 2010

A precursor to today's smart home hubs, the Dash was an incredibly versatile compact Wi-Fi device based on the Chumby OS. It was an alarm clock, digital photo frame, and internet radio player. It displayed video, weather, news, and had instant access to more than 1000 apps including YouTube and even Hulu.

Utilizing the stable Chumby OS software, we designed the Dash to be the most advanced home assistant ever. It could be positioned in vertical or horizontal orientations for use in different areas of the home, not just the night stand.

As a versatile little internet device for bedside and countertop, the Dash was a success. It had a much larger screen than the smartphones of 2010 and tablets were only just coming on the scene. And we got Justin Bieber to use one at CES. For free. Just a bit ahead of its time, the Dash has now been thoughtfully rebooted as the Echo Show by Amazon.

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Justin Jakobson
Industrial + Experiential Design Los Angeles, CA