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Zoom LeBron - This shoe features a whole new cushioning setup. It is a combination of shox and zoom air. The "crashpad" system is made of the same material as the shox columns, but the system is hollowed out. On the inside of the system is a zoom air unit to prevent the system from bottoming out. There is also a unique strapping lace system. The crashpad system is the grey structure under the heel.
Puma Kwik Flip - You can flip it from one shoe to another quickly, and it is a flip-flop made for active people. The name is kind of a play on what the shoe is.
I developed it for women who go to the gym and participate in fitness classes, like yoga. They could wear it as a flip-flop to the gym, then change it to a light workout shoe, then back to a flip-flop to hit the sauna. I've seen many people walk into the gym in flip-flops only to cahange into workout shoes, then back into flip-flops. The shoe features a snapping and strapping shroud that velcroes across the back of the heel and snaps on the forefoot. The pods that are on the outsole of the flip-flop protrude to form "pegs" that lock into the inside of the shroud to create a stable base.
Also, the shoe would come with a sock like the one that came with the Nike Rift running shoes, so you could wear the sock with it when it is being worn as a light workout shoe.

Jordan OX - Football training shoe with a supportive rand for support and an exposed IPS heel cushioning system.
Jordan 9.5
Zoom Cabrio - This is a concept for a shoe that can convert from a low to a mid. It utilizes a removable mid conversion strap. It straps across the front and runs under the midfoot and around the heel. The tongue can fold down and velcro to the lower part of the tongue forming a lace cover when the mid conversion strap is not in use. The pull loop on the back can also unsnap and extend up, protecting the achilles tendon from any rubbing when the mid conversion strap is in use.
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