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Nestle Chair - This chair combines a clean and simple aesthetic with wrapping arms like that of a hug to give a feeling of comfort and warmth. Bent mahogany plywood lined with plush white velvet is supported by brushed steel tubing. The closed-in design of the chair was tied to the mid-century movement as a juxtaposition of styles
Impact Site Light - A high end architectural pole mounted fixture designed for applications where precise light control is needed. The cast aluminum body acts as a modular platform for a variety of lamp, transformer and reflector packages to give the end-use a complete lighting system in a sleek architectural package.
Plya led Chandelier - An advanced LED lighting company that fuses art with technology to create ultra-modern lighting solutions. The design philosophy is to embrace the LED technology so function drives the aesthetic not the ornamentation. The modular extrusion also allows for brand extensions such as floor and table lights.
Araya Sports Boat - Crossing the attributes of of a boat and a sports car, the Araya combines expressive styling and high performance. Powered by a Hydrogen fuel cell that channels power through 3 jets to create vector-steering similar to that on modern fighter planes. The end result is an ultra modern speed boat with the hardware to back-up your bragging rights.
Coca-Cola Sponsored School Project
Various retail products for Cooper Lightings Regent and Metalux lines which include outdoor flood lights using solar, RFID, and led technologies. A fluorescent chandelier adds a wine rack to refract light from the glass bottles and bringing the trend of inside out, abstract plants give illumination to your garden or patio and a lighted cooler glows from the inside as a beacon of refreshment for your party atmosphere.
Renderings - An assortment of renderings
and sketches for a variety of projects and
just for fun. Sketching plays an important
part of my design process and actively
experimenting with new techniques and
materials to fine tune it is paramount.
Included is some digital renderings and
lots of marker/pen sketches.
MiMo Sconce - Mimo Sconce. An example of high
design simplified, the MiMo sconce
features just 4 manufactured parts,
2 LED’s, a driver and the plastic lens
and lightbox. On top of that its almost
entirely recyclable from the aluminum
construction to the reclaimed acrylic
John Weishaar
John Weishaar Industrial Design Portfolio Greensboro, NC