Li-Ning: TRON runner - A rendering I did for a conceptual running shoe. Inspiration... bet you would not have guessed.. TRON. duh. Front half follows the traditional running shoe to give great performance, white the heel and midsole are all combined, composed of an EVA foam.
Packaging - This is a packaging concept that i worked on for Li-Ning. You can see more of it through this you-tube video:
Li-Ning F2 Packaging - The finished Li-Ning F2 Packaging in retail
Li-Ning F2 Packaging - The finished Li-Ning F2 Packaging in retail
Li-Ning Packaging - The finished F2 Packaging in retail
Li-Ning - Casual Rurnning Shoe. Bare-bones approach, new construction methods for Li-Ning, designed the upper and outsole, as well as created the material and color stories.
Li-Ning - Value Runner. 50.00 Shoe. Designed the upper and outsole, additionally created all of the calor and material stories for both men's and women's version.
Li-Ning - The outsole for the 50.00 running shoe.
Li-Ning Work - X-Bow light weight running shoe. Created a new upper for the existing outsole. Additionally all color/material stories.
Li-Ning Work - Outdoor Lilfestyle Shoe. Created a new upper for the exisiting ousole. Additionally all color/material stories for both a Men's and Women's line.
Li-Ning Work
Columbia Sportswear: Sand and Sea Tote
Columbia Sportswear Bags - Sand and Sea Tote, small
Commuter Girl Messenger
Columbia Sportswear Bags - Collegiate Messenger
Columbia Sportswear Bags - High School Messenger
Columbia Sportswear Bags - Jet Setter Cyber Collection; Featured on My Life Scoop as one of 35 Stylish Laptop Cases Under $100
Columbia Sportswear Bags
Columbia Sportswear Bags - Lakeshore Backpack
I worked on all of these colorways. Some of these were also bags that i designed. (tote on bottom left, top and bottom bags in the middle, and backpack on far right)
Backpack Render - A rendering i did for a back to school pack.
I worked on these with a co-worker. I was responsible for the duffle bag on the left and the tote bag on the top. The tote converts into a backpack.
Work Experiences
Katie Aring
Katie Aring Salt Lake City, UT