Visual of how minigames start
Overview of Overworld area
Reef Reel Estate Minigame
Flue Flow Path Completed
Flue Flow

This is a WIP game for Southern Company.
As an intern, I was asked to develop two unique educational minigames. Both minigames were conceptualized prior to being worked on.
In both minigames, I did most of the programming and made their systems interface with the overall game systems.
The objective of Flue Flow is to create a path for the flue to flow from the start to the finish by rotating the pipes and connecting them. There are three levels of small, medium, and large. Every level's pieces are randomly generated and the paths are calculated using a BFS searching algorithm. The different exits give different amounts of points based on how good they are for the environment.
Reef Reel estate is a puzzle game where the player must fit the coral pieces onto a boiler that will be used as a new habitat for marine life.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Kalil Masters
Developer Marietta, GA