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Stealth Game

Stealth Game was a solo prototype worked on for a college project.

The goal of this game was to recreate the feeling of sneaking around a big fortress akin to a 3D Legend of Zelda dungeon. My focus was on making intuitive level design.
For the prototype I made one example level of a dungeon where the player must escape from their jail cell and use items they find to aid their escape. The second level I made was a boss level where the player must defeat the boss by avoiding its attacks and throwing items at it.

In this game, I created a 3D character controller that includes movement, jumping, and rolling. The player also has the ability to throw different items like rocks, smoke bombs, and explosive bombs. There are also potions that can be used to heal the player.

I also made an AI that will sense the player based on sounds they make, and if they can see them or not.

All programming was done by me. Some art assets were found online like the floor materials and box materials.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Kalil Masters
Developer Marietta, GA