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Initially some form were sketched with the basic geometric forms and variant lines and circles. The geometric forms are used and arranged on the Islamic view of the world.
Interpreting the aspect of the islamic architecture of creating the forms together which constitute an infinite pattern that extends beyond the visible material world, the form was mirrored to create an unending visual which was further repeated in a step repeat.
To get the combination in the form a three leafed flower is composed with geometric patterns composed in the positive as well as negative space.
ARABESQUE : A cushion collection for the Delhi based brand 'PATINA DESIGNS PVT. LTD'

A collection of printed cushions for the brand Patina Designs was designed, inspired from the Islamic Architecture. Arabesque, an elaborate application of repeating geometric forms that often echo the forms of plants and shapes was considered for the style.

kanishka Kumari
Textile Designers | Enterprenuer Navi Mumbai, India