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Selecting the theme from the city Ahmedabad, to learn about the society and their culture and develop a sensibility to observe, examine the elements or structure, physical and intangible.
Interpreting the algae formation on the stone which has been eroded and there are parts through which stone is visible. The explorations try and depict the visual and tactile qualities of stone.
Applying different forms like the circle, diamond etc derived from the jali on to the fabric
Creating the harmony, order and quietness in a classical pattern, forms the basis for generating variations through permutation and combination.
GEOMETRICAL HERITAGE : A Collection of Home Furnishing fabrics

Interpreting the identified attributes and visualising them through fundamentals of design such as rhythm, composition and texture with understanding of the different fabric as they work together effectively.
Exploring, experimenting with the fabric constructions, materials, to translate the concepts into innovative fabric designs and designing a new range fabrics for the home furnishings.

kanishka Kumari
Textile Designers | Enterprenuer Navi Mumbai, India