Youth Club, Fun Fantastic Fridays at the Pool
Captain's Cup Dodgeball
Instructor Certification Class
Yokosuka 70.3 Off the Record Triathlon
Group Golf Lessons
Muddy Buddy
Do You Play Lacrosse?
Captain's Cup Softball
using photo images to get the message out...created in Adobe Illustrator.
Powerpoint slide for the theaters and facebook...etc. to get word out to the public. Created in Adobe Illustrator. Actually used images that were shot here on the Military base.
Photo was set up specially for this advertisement, using actual children that really enjoy playing dodgeball... Created in Adobe CS4 using special graphics for the background. I had to use a clipping path on the children to make this slide work.
a vector image done in CS4 Illustrator.
This design is completely done in a vector image. Created in Adobe CS4 Illustrator.
Using photos and vector images to make this poster work....created in Adobe CS4 Illustrator
Created in Adobe CS4 Illustrator. Used a clipping path around the Father and Son(done in Photoshop)
Created in Adobe CS4 Illustrator also played around with the photo in photoshop.
created in Adobe CS4 Illustrator...this was a powerpoint slide.
Using the Red Cross photos to make this flyer work. Created in Adobe CS4 Illustrator
Ironman Challenge
MWR Marketing Jobs for Athletics/Youth Sports

What a great poster to work on for the Summer. A great item to have for your next children's birthday party or any type of celebration.

Clipping path around a few of the Wibit pieces, but mainly designed in Illustrator CS4.

Karen Sue Schlesinger
Graphic Designer Cincinnati, OH