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An Evening of Wine, a Nibble of Cheese, and a Hint of History

"An Evening of Wine, a Nibble of Cheese, and a Hint of History" was to be a series of monthly evening events to fundraise for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation. Each "evening" had its own group of sponsors and its own select group of guests. It was my job to create a brand and a sales sheet for the events to entice sponsors to participate.

I started with the color palette, choosing rich, luscious vineyard-inspired hues. I added the blue as a bright highlight color. Then I created a mottled texture in photoshop and cut out my shapes that would form the hat, grapes, cheese, bottle, and wine glass. After piecing the shapes together, I used Blending Options in the Layers palette to add color. I played around with several different layouts after adding the text, and this is the final version...a look somewhat reminiscent of a rebus.

Katie Grant
Graphic designer Riverton, IL