"The Residence" for Low Life L.L.C

This retail installation acts as a display environment by featuring various types of shelving, stands and hanging elements that utilize a custom, universal connection system of embed slots. This system allows for the placement of the display elements on any of the connection blades at multiple points. Additionally, the installation begins to unfold a design language that serves as the future voice of The Low Life NY and how it will represent itself as a forward thinking, design-oriented company. The space is clad with an acrylic skin, which creates a custom pattern derived from the topographical profile of an international retailer’s six locations. This retailer is one of The Low Life's founders earliest design influences when thinking about how to position his company as a unique brand. The locations are as follows from right to left moving around the installation - Milan, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing and New York.

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Freelance Architectural Illustration And Design Endeavors Atlanta, GA