A concept design for Murple, or a Deena-like seahorse. This will eventually be used to create stuffed animals, promotional products, and t-shirts.
Final version of "Blast in a Glass," based on a drawing by their website designer.
Original concept art for "Blast in the Glass," inspired by Dita Von Teese's famous Martini dance. Done with pencil and pen.
T-shirt design of a simplified/abstracted version of Deena, printed with gold glitter.
Design for shirts with a realistic version of Deena, printed with pink glitter.
Original concept drawing without Deena's signature flower in her hair. Done with pencils.
Deena Nicole from Jersey Shore

I worked with Deena Nicole from Jersery Shore to develop several t-shirt designs. They involved her own dictionary and personal branding, working through first, second, and third drafts until we had the perfect solution.

Jean Kelleher
Illustrator + Graphic Designer Portland, OR