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Campaign for Milwaukee Rally - The Milwaukee Rally is a motorcycle rally sponsored by the 3 major Harley-Davidson dealerships in Milwaukee. The producers of the Milwaukee Rally wanted a new look for 2004. The rally's biggest draw is their annual Bikini Contest. Thus incorporating tatoos from the motorcycle culture with bikini clad models for all of their collateral.
Buell Rider Adventure Group Membership Manual
Volkswagen Phatnoise Rollout Campaign
GS Self Promo Cloning Kit - Ripped from today's headlines, the GS Cloning Kit offers a humorous new twist on the ongoing cloning debate. The latest in a long line of popular, off-the-wall holiday promos, the kit includes all the procedures and equipment necessary to whip up such tasty clones as Tom and Jerry, Betsy Ross, a pink squirrel, or even a talking donkey. (Genetic material not included.) A beaker, flask, Cloning Guide, and "Genetic DNA Acceleration Chamber" are all packaged securely in a precision extruded containment system, which may also be used to transport DNA packed in ice. After all, nothing enhances the holiday spirit like knocking back a few holiday spirits.
Team Pedal Power, logo and uniform/jersey design - All women's bicycling team came to us with a feminine interpretation in mind. I gave them pink! Pink became a very successful look for them as they earned the nickname "The Pink Ladies".
Island Realty Group Ads
Fort HealthCare "Get to Know Us. Well." Ad Campaign
Fort HealthCare Internal Communications Campaign Logo
Fort HealthCare Center For Women's Health Ad Campaign
Elan Financial Youth Credit Card Campaign
Sbarra Day Spa Services Identity Package
Bellin College of Nursing Ad Campaign
Kelly Heisman
Art Director Hartland, WI